Permitted Activities

This area of the Trust’s operation is perhaps the most sensitive and difficult to specify because of the wide range of potential benefits that can be provided to relieve need, hardship or distress to anyone in the Parish. Situations can be broadly classified as:

  • Grants of money for:
    • weekly allowances for a limited period to meet a particular need.
    • special payments to relieve sudden distress, sickness or infirmity.
    • payment of travelling expenses for visiting people in or entering/leaving hospitals (including out patients consultations) children’s homes or other institutions.
    • payment towards the cost of adaptations to the homes of the disabled.
  • Provision or Loan of goods for:
    • food for special diets, medical or other aids, nursing requisites or comforts.
    • invalid chairs or wheeled walking frames for the disabled, handicapped or infirm.
    • furniture, bedding, clothing, food, fuel, heating appliances.
  • Payment for services such as house decorating, insulation and repairs, laundering, meals-on- wheels, child-minding.
  • Provision of facilities for:
    • the supply of tools or books or payment of fees for instruction or examinations.
    • arrangements for a recuperative holiday.
    • temporary relief for those having the care of sick or handicapped persons.
  • Additional grants and provisions for the sick or disabled whether mentally or physically handicapped for:
    • physiotherapy in the home, chiropody, bathing, shaving, hairdressing, nursing aid.
    • help in the home, sitting in, reading, gardening.
    • travelling companions, shopping, exchange of library books.
  • Finance of the Community Transport Scheme run under the auspices of village volunteers.

The above list should not be considered to be exhaustive and, if a need can be established, then the Trustees can provide relief as they see fit.  This area of the Trust’s activities is not a substitute for the assistance provided by statutory benefits or public funds but covers the area where such benefits are not provided or are inadequate.