Tree Policy

The Trustees have reviewed their policy on trees on land they own surrounding Hampton-in-Arden.  As in many other areas, large numbers of trees have been lost in Hampton in Arden by ill-considered and indiscriminate felling, or inappropriate pruning in recent years. The Trust has planted areas of woodland and an arboretum to help counteract this decline.

Taking into account the benefits trees provide both to the local environment and nationally, the Trustees have decided that they will not undertake any works to healthy trees unless part of their statutory safety obligations or standard woodland maintenance.

Should any adjoining owner wish to undertake works to trees owned by the Trust, at their own expense for their own benefit and which is not covered by common law nor form part of the Trust’s standard safety work, this will be considered on a case by case basis. Before considering any request, the Trust will require detailed specifications of the works proposed and the details of contractor/tree surgeon used.