Privacy Statement

The George Fentham Trust is a charity supporting residents within the Parish of Hampton-in-Arden. What is commonly referred to as just the George Fentham Trust is made up of:

  • George Fentham Hampton-In-Arden Charity (main charity)
  • George Fentham Hampton-In-Arden Endowed Charity
  • Educational Foundation of George Fentham, Hampton-in-Arden


The George Fentham Trust is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and complying with data protection regulations.

This Statement explains when and why we collect personal information, how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure. The Statement may change from time to time, but the latest version will always appear on our website.

In compliance with regulations, personal information is only held when legally required, in support of contractual requests, for the legitimate purposes of running our organisation or with your consent.

Personal Information we Collect and Hold

We obtain and retain personal information in several ways. The types of information we hold are as follows:

  • identity, contact and other details related to our trustees, our employees and our volunteers
  • identity, contact and other details of individuals, or individuals representing organisations, who apply for and/or receive grants or support services from us
  • identity, contact details and other information relevant to our responsibilities of individuals, or individuals representing organisations, who apply to be and/or are tenants of our land and property
  • identity, contact and other details of individuals, or individuals representing organisations, who enquire about becoming or are our customers or suppliers

How we use this Information and Why

We use personal information for a range of purposes, which are:

  • to legitimately manage our organisation
  • to comply with legal, regulatory and insurer’s requirements
  • to operate our payroll, taxation, pension and expenses processes
  • to meet our contractual obligations and legitimately conduct our affairs
  • to be a responsible land owner and landlord
  • to provide grants and support services to individuals and organisations
  • to safeguard vulnerable tenants and service users

How we Store and Secure Personal Information

When we receive personal information, we take all appropriate precautions to ensure that it is retained securely. Only authorised persons are allowed access to it. All personal information held in electronic format is protected by strong passwords and a secure process is in place for making and holding backup copies. All personal information held on paper is retained securely and is kept in locked storage wherever possible.

All personal information held by us is subject to a defined retention period, often a set period of years from your last contact or transaction with us. Details are available upon request (see below.)

Please note that transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted over the internet to us or any information that you request from us by email when sent to you.

When we Share Personal Information

We share Personal Information with other organisations on the following basis:

  • We share information related to trustees and employees, on an as needed basis, with regulators, HMRC, payroll and pension providers.
  • We share information as required for legal compliance.
  • We share information related to tenants, on an as needed basis, with a third party organisation who manages these tenancies on our behalf.
  • We share information related to tenants, on an as needed basis, with health providers. The data will only be shared with the individual’s explicit consent unless this is needed to protect their vital interests i.e. in a medical emergency.

We publish information, particularly imagery, for promotional purposes only by consent.

Whenever we share such information you will have been informed, at the outset of our relationship, that this may or will happen or we will seek your consent before doing so.

We do not share personal information with third parties for their marketing purposes.


We occasionally use photographs of the work we do for promotional purposes. We will always seek consent from those whom we are photographing and we will not photograph anyone under 16.

It is inevitable when capturing such imagery in public places that unknown persons may inadvertently appear in the background. Where this happens it is our policy to check such persons are not recognisable, or to use software to achieve this if necessary.

Information relating to Under-16s

Personal information about under-16s will be held by the organisation if they are a volunteer or are the subject of a grant application and/or are in receipt of a grant. In such situations the parent or guardian will need to provide any personal information to be held and will hold the Rights until and only until age 16 is reached.

Your Rights and Exercising Them

You have a right to request the rectification of any inaccuracies in information which we hold about you.

You have a right to object to any use that we make of your personal information and we must desist from making that use unless we are able to demonstrate compelling grounds for not doing so.

You have a right to request the permanent removal of personal information held about you and we must comply unless we are able to demonstrate compelling grounds for not doing so.

You have a right of access to the information which we hold about you, to see it or to have a copy of it in a paper or machine transferable format.

How to Exercise Your Rights or Make Other Enquiries

To exercise any of the above rights or to enquire further about any aspect of this Statement, please contact the Clerk at or by calling 01675 443850.