Looking Forward to Spring at the Arboretum


Despite the very wet weather, there has been a lot of activity at the Hampton Arboretum since last autumn. 


Since 2010, when the majority of the trees were originally planted by the Fentham Trust, the slightly inhospitable conditions of high winds, waterlogging and heavy clay soil have taken their toll on a number of trees, and despite the best and hardworking efforts of volunteers,students and others, over thirty trees unfortunately died.


Last summer, the Trust asked Hill Orchard Gardens, who maintain the gardens around the village hall, if they would be prepared to take on the management of the arboretum.


Since that time over 30 trees and around 50 memorial plaques have been replaced, and a comprehensive review of tree disease, damage and staking has been done, combined with weed clearing and barking.


Paul Joyner from Hill Orchard Gardens, who has taken on the main responsibility for the ongoing management and maintenance tells us that visitors have noticed the difference, and that it is really important to those who are visiting memorial trees that they can visit a place which is looked after and respectful to the memory of their loved ones. 


“It is a wonderful place to walk, sit and contemplate, a real haven of peace and quiet”


The work to maintain and improve the arboretum will continue, and it will also provide opportunities for students to carry out their community work. Paul is hoping this year that the students will design and build some wildlife homes to encourage greater diversity on the site.